Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Miss Mimi's First Hike

Tualitan River Wildlife Refuge
Febuary 28, 2010
Miss Mimi and me (hikin_mike1960)
One very long up hill both ways and if there was snow on the ground, it would have been six feet deep. (one mile if we were lucky)

Ahhhhh, what should one do on a sunny Sunday afternoon? Well, I have the best answer for that one, lunch and a first hike with my bestest buddy in the whole wide world. My three year old daughter (Miss Mimi) who is learning to love the great outdoors. She loves to help dad setup camp when we go camping, throw a bobber into the lake with her fishing pole and just be with dad. We got her own daypack for upcoming hikes this christmas and she wears it all the time.

But today she only brought along her handy binoculars to view the beauty around her. She saw hundreds of geese, hawks soring high above, singing song birds, hungery chipmucks and a ball of snakes. She was all smile a mile wide and in a constant state of move. I showed her animal tracks which brought on a new learning adventure for her. In time the excitement and the great distances (about one mile total) caught up with her. She hit the wall of tried, We walked back to the truck holding hands and dragging feet knowing a cold juice box was waiting for her. Yes, my friends she slept very well that night.

She is becoming an outdoors girl before our very eyes. She is excited about this years camping adventures and the next walk with Mother Nature. Oh and how can I forget about fishing. She brings on a whole new meaning of the word "DUCK!". Miss Robyn and myself are not brave enough to load her pole with hooks and bait yet. But a bobber makes her smile. Maybe this year if the fish are biting we will try.

These are some of the reasons I love life to pass on the love of the great outdoors to others and watch the seed grow. This summer will be intersting full of fears, excitement and lots of laughs. I am looking forward to it. Be safe out there and take a walk with Mother Nature and find peace. I have.

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