Monday, April 12, 2010

Tanner Creek Trail in the Columbia River Gorge, OR

Tanner Creek Trail in the Columbia River Gorge, OR
Hikin_mike1960 and Miss Mimi (a.k.a. George)
Distance: 2 miles

I turned the "Big 5-oh" Friday (April 9th) and I received one of the best gifts a dad could ever ask for. I took my 3 year old daughter to Bonneville Damn Fish Hatchery to feed the fish and the ducks. Then we drove to the other side of I-84 to hike up Tanner Creek Trail. It is a two mile loop just off of I-84, exit 40.

She was very excited about the fish and loved feeding them. Plus the ducks joined in the action with a little snack for themselves. It was the best 75 cents I ever spent. She was also impressed with the viewing windows in the sturgeon ponds because of the big trout and the big fellows were head level with her. After the visit with the fish, we headed to the gift shop were dad got to learn about patience with the "Please don't touches", Because we all know little girls love to look by touching all the pretties. We left the gift shop with some salmon jerky which Miss Mimi loved and some cold drinks.

On to the next adventure, the hike started off on a service road which runs along side of Tanner Creek for about a 1/4 of a mile. It gave Miss Mimi a change to run and climb on a couple of rocks. I love the little ones exploring the big world. She picked up rocks, pine cones and one of her favorites, sticks to look at and throw. It was fun to watch. As the service road ended we crossed a bridge which had the first waterfall of the days adventure. She would stop and stick her head through the rails trying to get water drops on her tongue.

Tranner Creek Trail is a well traveled trail, which makes it a great place to take the little ones. It is wide enough that we could walk together holding hands. I would hate for her to tumble down the side into the creek. I kinda like her a little and would hate to see her hurt. At about a mile in we came upon Wahclella Waterfall. It is one of my favorites in the gorge. We found a nice spot to sit and rest. After a little snack Miss Mimi threw a bunch of rocks into the creek. She was having a ball and was all amiles.

The return hike back was pretty much all down hill. We made great time and she was full of energy, running and giggling. I had to laugh because we were maybe five minutes in the truck heading home and she was out like a light. She did great out there and listend well. I need to find another short hike to take her on and help her learn to love the great outdoors like I do. Camping with her this year will be exciting.

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