Monday, January 12, 2009

My simple little mind.

Good day,

Where to start? It has been a while since I have sat down and let the words go. I have been busy chasing a two year little monster, who has daddy wrapped around her little finger. We finally dug out from a snow storm that was the worst Oregon has seen in forty years. Plus, the holidays for which I love them but glad they are done. With all of these fine events, I have not taken care of me and the thoughts running around my brain. It is a dangerous place to play and it puts me on the uneasy side of life. As I use to say to my daughters, "I have a single active brain cell who goes to Mexico and drinks the water." Just think of all the wild and not so nice thoughts that can come from that. They stink!

What I need is to be out and about in the great out doors. I can feel the ugly slip away when I hit the trail head. The wood is where I can reconnect to my Higher Power and feel the calm reclaim my heart and soul. I really do not know what causes this change but it works for me. I will keep doing it as long as my short legs can move me up and down the hills. Mother Nature has a way with beauty and gives me the ability to find peace. Heck, there may even be a picture or two to be found. I am not sure yet where I will go but this Saturday the weather man says the weather should be nice. So, off I will go to find the path to the serenity I crave and the much needed peace.


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